ZNA 30 Clone by AMod Review

The fine people at A-Mod reached out with this ZNA30 clone a while back, and I really wanted to put it through it’s paces before I finished my review on it. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now, and feel like I finally have the kinks worked out from getting to know it.

I realize this is just another DNA30 board clone in a pretty shell, but just the way these function can sometimes be different from piece to piece, or from different manufacturers.

When  I first got this and took it out of the package, I instantly noticed how solid it felt. The machine work seems to be pretty damn good, as there were no burs or marring from the machining process. After close inspection, the only thing that is off about it, is that the buttons are a little “loose” fitting. the up/down wattage buttons wiggle around a bit, and the firing button has a little play in it. That doesn’t detract from the use of the fire button, as it still works just fine, and has a nice tactile click to it.

Out of the box, this ZNA clone comes only with a tube for an 18490/500 battery. You can order or pick up an extension tube that will fit 18650 batteries if you’d like, or you can carry a couple extra 450/500 batteries. I chose the latter. Plus, the long 18650 tube hangs lower than the control panel on the device, and that just looks silly to me.

After a few days of using the ZNA Clone, I noticed every time I would get home from work, my wick would start tasting burnt. I usually ran a single coil in my Kayfun Lite+ at about 1.4 ohms, and set the power anywhere from 11 watts to 17 watts. ( I later fell into a sweet spot of around 13-13.5 watts). I did some testing with the device one night, and noticed when I put pressure on the atomizer while firing, the resistance would change, sometimes up to almost 2.3 ohms, and it would fire much higher than I had it set at. This would cause my wick to get scorched.

I took aport the top cap,and made sure everything was tightened down, as well as double checking the adjustable 510 to make sure it was making a good connection. After that, I never had the issue again. Except for the occasional “Check atomizer” warning when firing, I’ve had no misfires or issues whatsoever.

I’ve used the ZNA with a RDA, but just don’t find that to my liking, especially with an 18500 battery. When I’m using a dripper, Im usually around 40-50 watts, and the only thing I’m worried about is battery life. Both of these are enemies of the ZNA Clone.  Then again, if you’ve ever used a device that runs on the DNA30 architecture, you know exactly what to expect. This device has replaced my Hana Modz clone as my “Don’t leave home without it” device.

I didn’t pay for this unit, but I gladly would. Especially for $60 or whatever they may be going for now. If you are looking for a DNA30 device, and love the aesthetics of the ZNA, then this is simply just a great purchase. Or you know, you could buy an authentic….

Between this ZNA 30 clone, and the Anarchist mod I received from Amod/Wotofo, I feel extremely confident in their products. Sure, they may have little issues, as they aren’t the original manufacturers, but in the cloning business, getting as close to prefect as possible is the target, and for under $100, you just can’t beat this ZNA 30 clone.

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