Zenith V2 RDA

The Zenith V2 by Crescent Moon is one of the most celebrated RDA’s you can find today. With it’s design, build quality, and features, it is hard to compete with. All that being said, is it the end-all of RDA’s? Let’s take a look.

The Zenith V2 is – like the name states – is the second version of this RDA. What are the main differences? There are a couple – Version one does not have a way to lock the air flow control ring, and also has a adjustable copper contact, instead of silver.

The Zenith comes in 4 pieces; the deck, the body sleeve, the afc ring, and a topcap.

The deck is giant on this thing. While the lip for the deck could be a little taller, this by no means holds this device back. You can fit giant builds into the deck, and still have plenty of room for a wick and juice. No problem. The negative posts are welded on, increasing conductivity. The screws that fit into these post holes aren’t your normal phillips head screws. The Zenith V2’s screws are tightened by an allen wrench, luckily, one comes it.

The body sleeve of the atomizer is made out of stainless steel, and allows for a AFC ring to be dropped right over it. There are 3 holes cut in the sleeve, 2 across from each other, and one perpendicular to those 2, allowing dual coil, or single coil air configurations. wide open, I would say each air hole is equal to about 2.5-3.5mm of draw. The AFC rings are swappable, and can be bought OEM or aftermarket at a decent amount of stores online. This is one of it’s best features, as you can customize how it looks, if you plan on swapping mods around.

The new top-hat to the Zenith V2 is the threaded top cap. Now, instead of being press-fit like the V1, the V2’s top cap screws down, securing that the afc ring doesn’t move on you. The design of it is almost flawless! Another sweet spot on this top cap is the hole where you plug in your favorite drip tip is insulated by a delrin ring. This absolutely helps keep your drip tip cool while chain vaping.

What are the cons here? While leaking juice is something that any RDA will have issues with (depending on your build, and over-dripping, etc) Is that juice gets trapped between the AFC and the sleeve of the body. it seems to build up over time, and then has to be wiped out. the problem here, is when I grab the cap to pull it off and re-juice, is squeezes that juice out, and then I have wet fingers. As we know with other stainless steel things, its a pain to wipe juice off of. Another issue I had? While tightening the screws, it just seemed like they might not be the highest of quality. They definitely felt soft, like If I really cranked on it, the allen heads would strip easily. also, there are no spare parts. If one of those screws goes missing, you’re boned. Good luck finding those at your local hardware store.

All assembled, this is one of the best RDA’s I’ve used to date. It’s easy to build on, looks fantastic, and delivers a great vape. If I were to change anything about it, I  might make the post holes a little bigger, and include some extra grub screws JUST IN CASE something happened to the originals.

If you’re looking to add the Zenith V2 RDA to your collection, you absolutely should. I can;t see how anyone would be upset or simply not satisfied with this device. I’m sure this going to be my daily driver RDA for the time being (until the V3 lands!).

The authentic is pretty hard to get your hands on. I also own a clone of this, and it works about just as well. Get one here.

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