Zample Box Review

ZampleBox is the of the first e-liquid subscription services for vapers. They offer a delicious personalized assortment of e-juices delivered monthly. ZampleBox only works with premium, American-made e-liquid brands to bring you a variety of the best e-juice on the market for 40% to 60% off retail. The boxes range in price from $19.99 for 3 bottles up to $49.99 for 11 bottles. So lets review how it works!


Once you decide to join, ZampleBox will ask  you a series of questions which will help them build you the perfect box.

First, you let them know your experience level:


Second, they help you build your flavor profile or just let them surprise you! In their attempt to build you your perfect box they will also give you the opportunity to list any flavors you try to avoid and any favorite flavors.


Next, they ask you to select your e-liquid nicotine strength.


Based of this answer they will then give you 3 ZampleBox options to choose from. Their boxes are a 3 tiered system. They have the Platinum, Gold & Silver boxes to choose from.


And then the power is you your hands! This is where you choose your perfect box! After your choice is made, they give you the opportunity to review all the information you selected to ensure its accuracy. Once you confirm your Box Summary, they then take you to check out. its as simple as that!


I think this is a great way to get your juices at lower than retail prices and it brings a bit of mystery and surprise to every box that comes in the mail! What’s better than that?

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