Yocan UNI Pro (Universal) Concentrate Oil Vaporizer Review

The newest mod in the Yocan collection is the UNI, which is a Universal Portable Mod ideal for concentrate cartridges. The UNI Pro has a classic design and features high-quality materials and features. This device is ideal for vaping essential oils.

The Yocan UNI Pro box mod allows users to fully customize all cartridges. This mod can adapt to a 510 concentrate oil cartridge of any size. The UNI Pro box mod is easy to use and made to suit customers from all walks of life. The UNI Pro box mod comes with 510 threaded magnetic adapters. These 510 threaded magnetic connectors are made to be compatible with all cartridges. You can be sure of a stable flow of power and even heating via the magnetic links in the UNI Pro box mod. The 510 threaded magnetic connections offer a strong grip on all cartridges, so you do not have to worry about your cartridges dropping.

The UNI Pro box mod has high-quality magnetic connections made from the best and strongest magnets available on the market. These magnets allow the UNI Pro box mod to fit all cartridge types, as stated above.

The UNI Pro box mod is about 7 centimeters in height and a little over 2 inches in size. This ultra-small device is portable and made to be easily concealed. The UNI Pro box mod will fit onto the hands without any issues.

The UNI Pro box mod heats up fast; it takes about 10 seconds to get fully heated. The pre-heat feature allows you to prime your cartridges before you start using them. The UNI Pro box mod has a power button that can be activated by pressing it twice. You can put this vaping device on/off by pressing the button twice.

There are three temperature setting options for this Yocan device. The low settings are ideal for activating the terpenes found in cannabis. The higher settings on the UNI Pro box mod device can trigger both the therapeutic and psychoactive benefits of cannabis-based essential oils. The high and low-temperature range is placed right above the power button. There are lights on this mod that corresponds to each setting ranging from low, middle, and high. And to change between temperatures, all you have to do is press the button thrice between succession.

The UNI Pro box mod comes with a high-quality 650mAh battery. You can charge this Yocan vaping device via a micro USB charging port.

The UNI Pro box mod is available in different color finishes, which include Black, Silver, Blue, and Red. Like other Yocan products, the UNI Pro box mod is widely available for sale at most vape stores. You can buy the UNI Pro box mod from the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop for $21.99.

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