Why Choose a Vape Mod Over a Vape Pen?

There are many types of vaping devices on the market today. You may see a vape pen and vape mods, and you ask yourself which one will suit your needs best. In this post, we will tell you the difference between the two to help you decide.

Vape Pen vs. Vape Mod


Vape pens are smaller and offer more portability than vape mods. They can easily fit into your jeans pocket or small purse. However, vape mods contain larger batteries and can last longer.


Vape pens are relatively very easy to use. They are very suitable for beginners who do not have any vaping experience yet.

Although vape mods have a learning curve, their advanced features are very helpful to many. Some vape mods offer customization options and protection features. Box mods require more maintenance. But hey, your interest in something will trigger your drive to learn.

Deciding which vape mod will suit you best can be difficult, so it is best to read about them at vaping blogs like the Vape Snob.


Without a doubt, vape mods are more durable than vape pens. They are bigger, heavier, and made of high-quality materials. And since they are made for heavy usage, they generally last longer than vape pens.

Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, the battery lifespan of vape mods is longer than that of vape pens. Vape pens have built-in batteries that are usually charged via a micro USB port. The battery power of vape pens typically ranges between 650 mAh and 1,300 mAh.

Box mods, on the other hand, offer various battery setups. They are operated by removable batteries–the most common one is 18650s. One 18650 battery can produce 2,200 mAh of power.

Clouds and Flavor

Vape pens do not have a lot to offer. This means, your vapor production will be standard for your pen. Of course, you will still enjoy the flavor, and you might love it.

For box mods, the world is yours. Since you can build your own coils and personalize your vaping experience. You can build a setup that can cater to flavor, clouds, or both.


Generally, vape pens come with a fixed, low wattage. Meanwhile, box mods are almost always variable wattage devices. You can easily tailor your vaping experience based on your choice.


Since vape pens are smaller and less complex, they are unsurprisingly cheaper. But the extra cost of vape mods is always worth the cost. Remember, you are paying for a more powerful device.

Vape Pen


Vape pens suit all types of vapers, both beginners or veterans. It is portable, inexpensive, and pretty durable. You can bring it anywhere too so its versatility is a good factor. Generally, they have a good battery life.


However, it is important to consider that vape pens are too small, so the potential of losing or damaging it is likely. We are not saying that vape pens are flimsy though. It is just that vape mods offer extra durability.

Vape Mod


Vape mods are a good choice for those who want to take vaping seriously. Vape mods can give a longer battery life and some flexibility to your settings. As indicated earlier, vape mods are more resilient than vape pens.


The two major drawbacks of vape mods are their size and price. Some people mind the sizes of their devices, and some vapers want to be as discreet as possible.


Overall, for vapers looking for a device without any frills or hassles, then a vape pen is the best way to go. However, vape mods are great for vapers who want to take their vaping game to the serious level. They offer a plethora of features and are highly versatile. If you are looking for the best box mod, check out The Vape Snob for guides and information about discounts.

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