Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit Review

When you first inhale the specially blended Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit your mouth will fill up with the fresh tropical flavor of this fruit which has notes of pineapple, sweet papaya, ripe mango, citrus, and guava. It’s a sweet-tart flavor that is smooth and fruity fresh to vape and feels like it refreshes and cleans the palate as it rolls over the tongue. The exhaled vapor produces a fruity aroma.


Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit comes in a very attractive package. The bottle is made from plastic and it has a cap that is also made of plastic but well protected to prevent unwanted spills. The e juice comes in a 1.9ml bottle. The Vuse Vype ePod Passion fruit costs as little as $10.00 at the Hazetown Vapes online store. Especially when thinking about a premium e juice, you do not get these convenient prices. With Hazetown Vapes, anything is possible because they help you save. Being an online vape shop, they don’t have additional costs like staffing and leasing, and as a result, in the form of reduced prices, you benefit from all those savings.

Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit is made from ingredients of the highest quality produced in Canada. All their products are developed under the strict supervision of industry experts. This ePod uses high-quality Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) to produce a nice blend. This Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit contains 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 50% Propylene Glycol (PG). Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit is mostly for people switching from smoking to vaping and also experienced vapers who are interested in the mouth to lung vaping.

With a vast majority of tobacco products being taxed heavily, smoking can be a costly habit, especially for heavy cigarette smokers. If you have been thinking about reducing some costs associated with smoking then Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit will be a great alternative. A lot more smokers easily fall in love with the Vuse Vype ePod Passion Fruit and the ePod device after their first try.

Finding a brand that checks every box should be your main goal when switching from smoking to vaping. The diversity of products that you can experience with your perfect brand, the way they help educate you on all things e juices, and devices should make your purchasing process as simple as possible. At the end of the day, you want to have a company to turn to that you know is going, to be honest with you at all times. You want products that are 100% ethically sourced and will surprise you every time with their wealth of ingredients, their depth in flavor, and their ability to improve your daily life.

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