Vaporshark rDNA 40 Clone

The Vaporshark has always been a popular, small personal vaporizer. With an awesomely small form factor, and up to 40 watts of temperature controlled goodness, its about all you could want from a regulated box.

And now, the clones are arriving. The first one we’ve found is manufactured by Limwell, and boasts being a 1:1 copy of the popular device.  It comes with all the features of the Vaporshark, but at a reduced cost, it also includes a LG 35A 18650 battery. Remember –  this has the same limitation on temperature control, in that if you want an accurate reading on coil temp, you need to be using nickel wire.

Get one here!

Main features of VaporShark RDNA 40 

– Temperature control fit for all coils,Nickel,Nichrome And Kanthal,but only when use
Nickel,the result is exact
– alarm when out of juice
– Zip High Speed Wireless Charging
– Larger Screen
– Reverse Polarity Buzzer
– LG 2500mah 35A 18650 Battery
– Gold plated, Spring-loaded center pin
– Integrated wireless charging, with available Micro-USB port
– Matte Black
– Magnetic Battery Door

Looking for an authentic? Get one here, with 30 mls of free eliquid!

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