Vaporesso Barr Pod System Review

The Barr is portable and will meet all your fashion needs. The slim figure comes with a modern design and developed Mesh atomization tank, Its appearance and taste will surprise you, The entry-level e-cigarette experience makes vaping easy. Besides, the innovative airflow system allows you to adjust in a safe and disorder-free manner. With Vaporesso Barr, not only can you satisfy your taste buds, but it is also a wise way to express your fashion identity.

In The Box

Inside the box, you will get not one, but two replacement pod cartridges. Yet another plus to Vaporesso, big-ups to them. I hate seeing pods or even vape kits coming with only one coil or pod. Both pod cartridges are the same and both feature the 1.2-ohm “well-developed: mesh coil head” inside it. You also get a charging cable, user manual, warranty card, and reminder card. You know, all the other usual stuff you get with any vape device you buy.

Design and Looks

In the plan office, the Vaporesso Barr vape looks current and up-to-date. With the numerous recently recorded shading alternatives and metal surface covering in a compact structure factor, Barr’s appearance doesn’t frustrate and makes certain to knock some people’s socks off while you are away from the house.

Given its size, you would expect it to be light, and it is, but its alloy construction adds just enough weight.  I’ve put slim, plastic devices in my shirt pocket and have easily forgotten about them.  That alone doesn’t sound terrible, but if you forget it’s there, you won’t know where you lost it.  The Barr is just heavy enough to remind you that you’re carrying something, but not heavy enough to be a burden.  Plus, the weight conveys its durability.

Yes, it is sleek, but it isn’t slick.  Vaporesso has added some texture to the coating to provide grip in the hand.  Sometimes texture on a device prevents it from being slipped in and out of the pocket easily, getting snagged or stuck against the clothing’s fabric.  The texture is only slightly “grippy,” making for a smooth pocket to hand transition.


Vaporesso Barr vape has a thin size for simple conveying that has a limit of 1.2ml and a coordinated 1.2ohm work curl inside, which will bring the phenomenal flavor. The Vaporesso Barr embraces an inventive rotative unit structure. You are equipped for altering the wind current by turning the unit surface. The use of Type-C port makes energizing a lot simpler on a Barr device. Four levels of wind current choices are accessible, permitting you to alter your vape style.

Get the Vaporesso Barr at an affordable $19.99 at the Vaporesso online store. With Vaporesso Barr it is not just about the regular vaping but rather vaping that goes beyond the satisfaction of taste. Vape with style.

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