Vape Box Review

You subscribed to early versions of monthly curated e-juice subscription services… they sucked, no guarantee, no returns, no refunds, you don’t get to pick what you want.So what now?

Of the many types of e-juice subscription services, you may be quite difficult to choose the services with optimal parameters. Particular difficulties arise for beginners.Whether you have just tried e-cigs for the first time or are looking for something new, I hope it will be a valuable resource and guide for you.

This is the highly acclaimed Vape Box monthly e-Liquid subscription plan that you have heard people talking about. The simplicity and solid subscription plans that make the service it stand out from all the rest.

Though there are some other similar companies who are also fighting it out for this monthly e-Liquid subscribers but Vape box regular update and research for improving their service for customers rake their business to a new height and make it a stand-alone brands in the market.

So what makes the brand different and how do vapor box stand out from the crowd?!

Ok, We have all the answers for your question in our review below.

Getting Started::

The invention of e-juice subscription services has been a great vaping service for the usual or rather ordinary vaping services. The demand in vaping is increasing that’s why companies around the world are focusing on creating the most innovative services.One of the companies that have been doing such and popular in the market is Vape Box. The company has created the new dimension of e-juice subscription services including the vape starter kits that they called Vape Box.

The Signup Process

First, you need to register an account which requires email, name, and birthdate and just after this you have to customize the box or order with your own flavor preferences – your type of mods that you want to use, atomizer and your preference of tank.

What’s in the Box

The vape box’s in a package clearly designed to make an amazing first impression with customers. It’s a cardboard box with “Vape box” logo printed on the top alongside and it opens via like a drawer in the front.

Pricing and Shipping

Sampler Bottles: 3 Amount of E-Juice: 30-50ml Price: $20 Savings: 40% of Retail
Juice Lovers Bottles: 4 Amount of E-Juice: 60-100ml Price: $32 Savings: 50% of Retail
Enthusiast (one we are reviewing) Bottles: 6 Amount of E-Juice: 120-180ml Price: $60 Savings: 50% of Retail

Vape box will ship all boxes to their customer who has paid for monthly subscriptions or two-month subscription packages.

The process of order is very easy and simple. You have to choose the flavors you want, experience level, the flavors to avoid, and nicotine level, you’ll be presented with the option to select your choice of the separate boxes.

Worldwide shipping

Extra Shipping charge –

  • Sampler: $4 for the USA
  • Juice Lovers: $5 for the USA
  • Enthusiast: $6 for the USA

For worldwide shipping charge is $9 to $17

Our Review and Experience

We have received two months subscriptions where it includes

First Month


  • Watermelon Gummy
  • Cream Cakes
  • Magic Man
  • Mystery


  • EZ Dripper one Bottle – EZ-Cloud Company and
  • Tsunami RDA -Geek Vape

Second Month


  • Strawberry Cream Cannoli
  • Secret Gummy
  • Lemon Biscotti by Emoji
  • Loop Ninja by Nick’s Blissful Brews


  • Nobunaga Mini -Tendou Vapor and
  • Tool Kit -Geek Vape


  • Providing the monthly vape box subscription packs to their vaping customers.
  • Easy and Friendly Vaping Service
  • Cancel your subscription anytime!
  • Huge options of products to choose and customize
  • Variable options for price and products
  • Big brand advantage
  • Very flexible and research oriented brand which updated with new technology and vaping needs.
  • First time welcome offer
  • Social activity
  • Good customer service – responds within 24 hours by mail.

The Battery

In our experience, the automatic VTC5 18650 3.7V 2600 mAh 20A Continuous Discharge sub ohm Battery- is a great all around a battery that can take a beating included with the Vape Box kit performs well.Another Sony top VTC5’s are a flat best battery Because of the distance the vapor has to travel from the heating element before reaching your mouth, the amount of vapor produced is a little low. There were never any “dry hits” when I tested the with Kanger atomizer tank, though, and the flavor and throat hit were more than sufficient at the “high” nicotine level we selected when ordering a kit.

The continuous charge of this battery maximum current is 4A, plus charge current is 12A, and continuous discharge is more then enough-its 20A. The automatic switch was sensitive, the battery held a charge for a long time and the ability to operate while receiving power from a USB port was a major plus.

This vape box retailed for Enthusiast: $60, and with the e-juice alone anyone definitely got his money’s worth. If you total estimated an actual retail price of the box was $108, which is 45% in your savings.

We love the performance of this Vape Box, but we do have a small problem with the Tobacco and Menthol e-liquids included with the kit; we are not really too fond of either of them. We found the Menthol e-liquid to have a much lower throat hit than we would have expected from the nicotine strength, and the flavor was a little like that of a cough drop. The Tobacco flavor had excellent throat hit but tasted and smelled a bit like a barnyard. The sweeter flavors such as Cherry Bomb and Peach Papaya Coconut Cream fared better, and Vape Box’s has recently introduced some new flavors — so if you don’t like the original flavors, you may find others you prefer. All Vape Juice are mixed in-house, in the United States.

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