Tobh Atty Clone

I would summarize the TOBH experience as “nearly ideal.” It kinda depends on what you’re after. I’ve seen reviewers say “cloud chaser atty” and… Well, no. Ignore that, honestly, it’s not ready for “cloud chasing” or some such goofiness. If that’s what you’re after, you’re going to be disappointed. The tobh is just… Smooth and easy and pleasant.

As for looks, it’s really a good looking atty. I can’t say anything negative there. You see the pictures, it looks pretty damn nice. I can’t find any flaw in the machining, everything is nice and smooth and perfect.

I’m sure you’ve seen the staggered posts, those are excellent for coil insertion/fiddling. I frequently find myself mashing coils dangerously trying to level them out on other attys, but no longer. As for the post holes, I feel like a dickhead even saying it, but I can’t fit what I want to fit in there. I don’t know why manufacturers don’t just drill the holes to 5/64th. They’re not bad; if you’re not happy with the size of these holes (heh) you’re probably okay drilling ‘em out. I’m just saying, why do I have to? Just to be clear, you’ll get two strands of 24g in any one hole and no more without power tools.

The air control is really easy to deal with, everything is actually adjustable without pliers or wishful thinking, but the lip that blocks the air holes is a little in the way while building. It’s not detrimental. As easy as the air control is to deal with, I kinda wish there were more airflow available. Wide open, to me, feels a little tight after coming from a Stillare (or I’m told a Zenith, something along those lines). The tobh, wide open, really is pretty nice and will be enough for most anybody. I just think it’s easier to restrict some of the airflow to your preference than sit around wondering what life would be like if you took a drill to your pretty atty.

And the one “that’s weird” thing I noticed is that if you push the top cap all the way down over the atty (like you’re supposed to) the little lip on the inside covers up maybe 1/8th of each air hole. It’s not a lot, but seems weird to me. If a very slightly tight draw is okay with you to begin with, I don’t think this would matter. I honestly can’t tell much if any difference between the draw all the way down and wiggled up a little.

I really can’t think of anything else, it’s just really well done and a really good experience. Would recommend to anybody building coils.

Big thanks to Brian here for sending one to me, likely in pity after my Omega experience.

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