The vapers tongue- causes

“Vaper’s tongue” is a disease in which a vaper loses the ability to taste vapor juice – suddenly and without warning. This is a very common phenomenon and you may experience it as you make your own e-liquid. This normally lasts 1-3 days but can last for up to two full weeks without being able to taste your vapes.

There are several reasons why you can find a difference in the flavor of your vape juice, but let’s go to the analogy of smell, and how that may weaken your e-juice taste capacity. Taste fatigue or Palate fatigue or flavor fatigue is when the e-juice taste gets decreased after constant exposure. It’s the same idea when smokers aren’t able to smell the smoke on their clothing because they are used to it. Your brain is like a machine, and your sensory receptors send signals to your brain when you taste the food so that you can detect the flavor. However, the brain adapts to this stimulus after repeated exposure of the same taste or scent which will decrease the strength of the odor or taste over time.

The causes could be attributed to –

Dehydration: Biologically, our taste depends on the taste buds distributed on the tongue, and the number of taste buds may be between 2000 and 8000 for the average individual. Some people may have over 10,000 taste buds which makes them very sensitive to flavors. Taste buds have a life cycle that usually lasts for 2 weeks, after which they regenerate and thus maintain our taste capability. However, they need saliva to retain their work no matter how old the taste bud is. Excessive vaping may cause tiredness in your tongue, leading to dry mouth and poor salivary gland function. Without enough saliva in our mouth to maintain a moist atmosphere we can temporarily lose our taste.

E-Liquid Quality: The e-liquid rating will also decide how much you get tongue from vapers. Many vapers tend to go for low-quality, low-cost vape juices to save money. If you tap a lot but don’t want to go broke because of your hobby this is understandable. But I strongly recommend however that you avoid doing this and instead opt for high-quality e-liquids. That’s because many cheap vape juices overpower their flavors with artificial sweeteners that are too sugary to enhance the taste. The problem is that these potent sweetening agents appear to kill the taste buds, making vapers tongue much more likely to occur.

Vaping The Same Flavor For Too Long: Eventually you find an e-liquid flavor that you just love. You vape it day after day exclusively and all is good until one day, unexpectedly you can’t taste it anymore. Sound familiar? This is possibly the most common cause of the vaper’s tongue, besides dehydration. Often you just have to take a break from your favorite flavor to give some time to “reset” your taste buds

Pressure and/or anxiety: Pressure and anxiety have been shown to alter some of the tastes. Many may also notice changes in taste when they don’t have any other discomfort or anxiety symptoms. I am not sure precisely how / why your sense of taste is influenced by stress and anxiety, but it is generally accepted that anxiety and stress can play an important role in properly smelling and tasting items.

That said there are a couple of things to do to prevent the vapors tongue. These include drinking enough water during the day, Avoid Overly Complex or Rich Vape Juice Flavors, cleaning your tongue and quit smoking. Hopefully, this article helped point you in the right direction so that you can tackle your vaper’s tongue head-on, and continue to enjoy all of your favorite flavors from

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