The Rocket Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder Review

Although there are thousands of e-juice flavors on the market, very few manufacturers have mastered the art of mixing e-liquids. Some e-liquid flavors don’t just cut it. Some e-juice on the market don’t taste like the flavors they are meant to have. Shopping for new e-liquids can get tricky for vapers. One Hit Wonder is a US e-liquid manufacturer that has proven to be among the few to have mastered the art of mixing flavors for a beautiful vaping experience. It is hard to go wrong with One Hit Wonder e-liquids. Regardless of their unique flavors, you can be sure that all One Hit Wonder e-liquids are produced with care and rare expertise.

Rocket Man is an e-juice that delivers a unique blend of lightly tart Greek Yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries and savory granola clusters. This One Hit Wonder e-juice balances the different flavors quite well. The taste buds become consumed with a subtle and sweet tangy taste when you inhale Rocket Man. On the exhale, this premium e-juice has a creamy exhale that leads to a very memorable after taste. Rocket Man is arguably one of the best yogurt flavored e-liquids currently available on the market. The blend of blueberries, yogurt, and granola tastes like parfait from McDonald’s.

Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder E-liquid contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 80/20 percent. The high VG percentage of this premium e-liquid makes it very thick and smooth.This max VG content of this e-liquid makes it ideal for dripping on a rebuild able atomizer (RDA). When you use Rocket Man on an RDA, your coils won’t get as much gunk. This One Hit Wonder e-liquid also works well on a sub ohm tank.

Rocket Man is has a clear and yellow look. The high VG ratio in the this e-juice makes it ideal for clouds chasers. One Hit Wonder could have labeled Rocket Man as a cloud chasers e-liquid because of the massive vapors it produces thanks to its max VG content. Besides producing huge clouds Rocket Man also has a subtle throat it. The throat hit is very mild which makes for a pleasurable vaping experience. This premium e-juice is a perfect blend of high tasting and scenting flavor and cloud production. Despite its great flavor and massive cloud production, Rocket Man comes in relatively low nicotine strength levels which may disappoint vapers used to higher nicotine ratios. Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength levels. This e-juice is made with high-quality ingredients grown in the US. One Hit Wonder produced this premium e-liquid with ingredients which include TruNic 100% USA Grown and Extracted Liquid Nicotine.

One Hit Wonder is a pioneer of producing large sized bottled e-liquids. Like other One Hit Wonder e-liquid flavors this e-juice comes in 180 ml squeeze bottles. This e-juice also comes with two free 15 ml One Hit Wonder customized unicorn bottles. These bottles are ideal for refilling your tank.

California based One Hit Wonder made their name in the vaping industry in 2015 with the release of Muffin Man. Since the release of Muffin Man, One Hit Wonder has since released seven more flavored e-liquids which include The Man, My Man, Police Man, Mini Muffin Man and Rocket Man. These differently flavored e-liquids have all upheld One Hit Wonder’s reputation as a reliable e-juice manufacturer.

Rocket Man can be bought at for $44.97. Vapers who are into yogurt flavored e-liquids would not be disappointed in giving Rocket Man a try.

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