Tangy Apple E-Juice by Caktus Vape Review

Tangy Apple by Caktus Vape is a one-of-a-kind fruity e-liquid. This vape juice has the flavor of green apple and candy. Tangy Apple makes for an enjoyable vaping experience. This e-juice would appeal to vapers with a sweet tooth. If you have at thing for green apple, then you need to grab a bottle of this e-juice too. This is one of the best green apple candy e-liquids that I have ever had. The taste of Tangy Apple is rich and delicious. The natural taste of this e-liquid stays the same even when you are vaping at a high-wattage. Tangy Apple has a pure flavor. It does not taste like it contains any artificial flavoring.

Tangy Apple has a sweet and sour taste. The sweetness of the candy flavor is not intense. The green apple flavor is juicy and refreshing. Tangy Apple tastes very much like a green apple candy. The pleasant taste of this e-juice lingers in your mouth for some time.

Tangy Apple by Caktus Vape is produced with high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). This e-juice also comes with different nicotine strength levels. Caktus Vape has an interesting way of arranging its PG and VG ratios. The VG and PG ratios of this e-liquid are linked to its nicotine concentration levels. The version of Tangy Apple with 0mg and 3mg of nicotine have a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 percent. The version of Tangy Apple with the 12mg of nicotine has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

Tangy Apple is not a coil killer although it contains candy. You can vape this Caktus Vape e-liquid for a few days before you will have to change your wicking material. Tangy Apple is ideal for cloud chasers. This green apple candy will give you thick clouds of vapor. The clouds of vapor that you get from Tangy Apple have a pleasant aroma. This e-liquid is smooth on the throat. You will not experience any throat irritation when vaping it even when you turn up the wattage.

Tangy Apple by Caktus Vape has an elegant packaging design. This e-liquid come in different bottle sizes; 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, and 120ml. There is a green and black label on the bottle with the Caktus Vape logo along with an image of an apple and other relevant information.

Tangy Apple is available for sale at many physical and online vape shops. However, you can buy it directly from the Caktus Vape official online store. You can get a 30ml bottle of Tangy Apple by Caktus Vape from caktusvape.co.nz for only $18.95.

Caktus Vape is one of the top vape shops in Australia. This vape store sells e-liquids from all the top brands in the industry. Apart from e-liquids, you can buy vaping devices and accessories from this vape shop. Caktus Vape provides excellent customer service and fast shipping. This company offers fast shipping on all orders within Australia that amount to $120.

Tangy Apple does not come pre-steeped. So, if you find the taste of this e-liquid to be muted or if the taste doesn’t match the flavor description, give it at least two weeks to steep. Steeping can go a long way to make an e-juice taste better.

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