Suorin Edge Pod System Review

Suorin’s Edge Pod System seems to look like a regular pod device, but Suorin put in some revolutionary design changes in this pen-style vape device that just makes it stand out from the competition. It’s not everyday that you get to see a pod system with a removable rechargeable battery, or even one that integrates the new USB-C charging that’ll take you from zero to 100 percent in a couple minutes. The device blends crucial design elements to create a sleek, slim, and portable vaping solution. 

A Pod Design Like No Other

At first glance, the Suorin Edge pod system looks like it could cut through anything. The main body of the device is more like a connection between the 230mAh battery attached at one end and the pods that go in the other end. Altogether you have what you know as the Suorin Edge pod system. The pod is secured in place by strong magnets. When you slot them in you get that ensuring click. The pods also come off easily when you need to refill the pod with ejuice.

The device is covered in a durable metallic chassis that can withstand small accidents. The metallic chassis gives the device a nice feel in your hand so it never gets uncomfortable. The 

Suorin Edge Pod System Kit by Suorin

The Suorin Edge pod device uses a simple draw-activated mechanism that makes it feel more like a cigarette. Afterall, it is an e-cigarette. There are no buttons at all on the device. All you have is a solid streamlined chassis. 

Between the battery compartment and the centerpiece is a thin LED light that serves as the battery life indicator. Also, on the side of the device is an ergonomic holster clip that helps to prevent your battery from draining when it is connected and not in use. 

The device’s 230mAh battery can keep you vaping for about two to three hours with a maximum output wattage of 10watts depending on how much you vape. The Kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, which means you get twice the fun. The best part is that you can charge the batteries outside of the device so you can enjoy vaping with one battery while the other is getting a boost. The two batteries also make it incredibly flexible when at home or on-the-go. 

They use the USB-C charging system that can power it up from zero to full in only thirty minutes. This is the Suorin assurance.

The device is available in an array of brilliant colors. You can get it in Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, and Living Coral. If you love to show off your vape device to your friends, you just need to select the color that suits your inner vaper and flaunt your Suorin Edge Pod device everywhere. 

About The Suorin Edge Pods

The Suorin Edge pod is equipped to carry 1.5ml of ejuice. The pods feature a horizontal 1.4ohm coil atomizer that uses organic cotton to ensure that you not only get excellent flavor, but also to prevent annoying leaks. You can refill the ejuice tank of the Edge pod by moving the small rod to the side and filling the tank with your favorite ejuice.

As an extra protection to prevent leaks and messy spills while refilling the ejuice tank, the pods come with a rubber latch that secures the pod perfectly. 

The pods you will be using with the device are sold separately. They have a narrowed mouthpiece tip that matches the shape of your mouth to give you a nice tight feel while you enjoy the draw activated feature of the Suorin Edge device.

When vaping with the Suorin Edge device, it is recommended that you use nicotine salt ejuices that are made with 50/50 VG/PG. This does not mean that other ejuices cannot be used with the device. As a matter of fact, the Suorin Edge device is compatible with freebase ejuices, nicotine free ejuices, as well as ejuices with any VG/PG ratio. Even if you want to enjoy different ejuices, there is no need to fear, the Suorin Edge has got that vaping need sorted out.

The pods deliver good flavor so you will be enjoying all the flavor notes in your favorite ejuice. In terms of vapor production, the Suorin Edge allows you to have stealthy vape sessions since it does not produce much vapor. Considering it is such a small device, that is almost expected.

Suorin Edge Pod System Kit by Suorin

What’s In The Kit?   

  • Suorin Edge Device 
  • 2 x Suorin Edge Batteries 
  • USB Type-C Cable 
  • User Manual

You get to save a whole 50% on the Suorin Edge pod system kit when you buy on Ejuice Deals. This means that rather than buying at $49.99, you will be buying it at $24.99. This means that you get to save a whole $25. 


  • Two batteries that can charge without being installed in the device
  • USB-C for faster charging
  • Pods last much longer than most pod systems
  • Good flavor
  • No leaking
  • Easy to refill


  • Not enough battery even with the two batteries


The Suorin Edge pod system by Suorin is your best bet for a minimalist vape device that you would still not have any issues with. The Suorin Edge delivers good flavor, a nice restrictive mouth-to-lung, great pod life, no leaking, fast charging, what more could a vaper like yourself ask for?

For a little pod system, Suorin made the Edge spot on. You should give one a try if the device checks out your vaping preference list.

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