Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil Review

Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coils are specially crafted for Smok TFV12 Baby Prince tank and Smok V8 Baby tank. It comes with mesh design and has a coil resistance of 0.15 ohms. The specialty of the mesh design is that these coils have more surface area when compared to other types of coils. This helps to provide better vaping experience, to reduce the hot spots on the tank, and to reduce the chance of coil burning. These low resistance coils are excellent for cloud vaping. A scratch and check authenticity sticker is provided on the package to check whether the product is genuine.

The new mesh coil technology used in Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil offers a uniform distribution of heat as well as better flavor and vapor production. It has a mesh strip looped around the organic cotton wick and a large coil opening. This type of coil is made of stainless steel which heats faster. The life span of mesh coils is more when compared to kanthal coils. It is a perfect choice for experienced vapers who wants to enjoy huge clouds of vapors and excellent flavor. This mesh coil can be used with a wattage ranging from 40 to 80 watts, but Smok recommends using between 60 to 70 watts.

Like all other mesh coils below 1 ohm, it is required to prime this coil before start vaping. You have to pour a few drops of e-liquid through the coil holes after placing it to your tank and leave it upright for a few minutes. All the coils below 1 ohm are termed as sub-ohm coils. These coils are highly recommended for experienced vapers only. Mesh coils produce a huge amount of vapor, so make sure you use e-liquids with 60 percent VG or higher. The maximum nicotine strength in the e-liquid should be 6mg or less while using this coil as it creates huge chunks of vapor. Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil comes in a package of 5 pieces.

Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coils is available for purchase in Atomic Dog Vapor’s online store for just $14.99. Atomic Dog Vapor is a renowned seller of vaping products at a very competitive price. Apart from replacement coils, the company manufactures over 40 flavors of e-liquids. It is headquartered at Erie, PA. The company can keep the prices so low because they don’t have any brick and mortar store or sales outlet. The saving from not renting a store and staffing is shared with their customers by selling the products cheaper. The company offers fast delivery services to all states in the United States. All the delivery services are handled by USPS through Priority mail.

No vapers can deny the fact that SMOK makes several impressive replacement coils that are fast-moving on the market. Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coils will certainly enhance your vaping experience by improving the flavor of the vape juice and providing chunks of vapor. Overall, this replacement coil is reliable and made with premium quality materials.

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