SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank + TFV12 Prince Strip and Mesh Coils Review

Smoktech is a manufacturer that has been in the vaping business since 2010. You have to be completely new to have not heard about them or used one of their products. Wherever you look for proper vaping hardware, Smoktech is there, from an array of successful vaping devices like the Novo pod system, Smok TFV8 tank, Smok TFV12 tank, to even a wider choice of replacement products like the TFV12 Prince strip and mesh coils. 

The Smok TFV12 Prince tank is one of the best sellers in their sub-ohm category and together with the incredible TFV12 Prince coils that deliver unrivalled performance and make vaping with the TFV12 Prince tank a colorful experience. 

A Little About The SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank

Even though the TFV12 tank picked up from where the TFV4 and TFV8 sub-ohm tank left off, it still features a completely new design, a new coil system, and a new drip tip system. If you have ever gotten a taste of this tank, then you can easily see why it is popularly called the “Cloud beast king”. It measures 70mm from its base to its top and weighs 91grams. This is no doubt one of the largest tanks on the market, but it is still compact enough to move around with, without any hassle. 

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank + TFV12 Prince Strip and Mesh Coils Review

The TFV12 Prince tank has a base diameter of 25mm and opens up to 27mm towards the glass portion. It is designed to carry a whopping 6ml of ejuice that’ll keep you going for a long time before you have to refill again. It is perfect if you are going out for a short time and you do not have the space to carry an ejuice bottle. 

Just like most of its predecessors, the TF12 Prince tank comes equipped with RBA capabilities, allowing you to build your coils with the tank.

TFV12 Prince Strip and Mesh Coils

Unlike traditional coils, strip and mesh coils can handle much higher temperatures. This is one of the reasons Smok decided to use them in the TFV12 Prince coils. The coils deliver unrivalled flavor and vapor production, and they are specially designed for mid-wattage configurations. Every drag is a cloud chaser’s dream filled with huge clouds of vapor that complement its rich flavor output.

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank + TFV12 Prince Strip and Mesh Coils Review
  • Smok TFV12 Prince Strip Coil

The TFV12 Prince strip coil is a 0.15ohm coil that is made of Kanthal. The coil allows you to vape at any level between 40 to 100 watts although it is sweeter around 80 to 90 watts. The coil can even accommodate high temperatures while making sure to not give you a burnt taste.  

This strip coil features a larger heating area that allows it to heat up faster and evenly. Its porous structure promotes ejuice absorption and allows you to relish the taste of your favorite ejuice just how you like it. 

  • Smok TFV12 Prince Mesh Coil

The TFV12 Prince Mesh Coil is a 0.15ohm coil that is made of stainless steel. The coil can be vaped at any level between 40 to 80 watts but its sweet spot is somewhere around 60 to 70 watts. 

Just like the strip coil, this mesh coil also sports a wider heating area that delivers a faster ramp-up time and even heating of your ejuice. Thanks to its wider surface area, you get a burst of flavor and large vapor clouds when you vape. Not to mention, this coil has a longer lifespan.


If you are looking to chart some of the uncharted waters of vaping, filled with rich flavor and stormy clouds, this might just be the setup for you. The Smok TFV12 Prince tank together with the TFV12 Prince strip coils is designed for high wattage vaping. If this is your knack, then head over to and grab one for yourself.

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