Smok Novo 4 Empty Pod Cartridges Review.

The SMOK Novo 4 Empty Pod Cartridges are an essential part of your vaping journey, whether they give your SMOK Novo 4 device new life or simply enable you to experiment with different flavors so that you never have a dull moment. They are ideal for keeping on hand because they will allow you to quickly switch between your favorite flavors or quickly replace a damaged pod so that you never miss an opportunity.

Novo 4 Empty Pods: What Are They?

The SMOK Novo 4 Pods are cartridges made to work exactly like the SMOK Novo 4 Starter Kit they intended to replace. One of SMOK’s most popular product lines is the Novo series, and the company developed various parts and accessories to guarantee you can always use your device. The Novo 4 is, after all, an investment you have made, and SMOK is well aware of that. You can use these empty pods to replace a damaged one that was dropped accidentally or keep a few on hand to switch between your favorite vape juice flavors quickly. The transparent black pods are made of food-grade PCTG material. You can count on reliable features like a vape juice window, an easy side-fill system, and three silicone rings that are integrated to prevent leaks.

Only the SMOK Novo 4 Pod System Kit is intended for use with SMOK Novo 4 Pod. Transparent Black and Transparent are the only two color options for the pod. These pods, which have a 2ml e-liquid capacity, use a replaceable coil design for cost- and environment-conscious vaping. They can be filled via the side fill port. Simply pull up the rubber tab, place your preferred e-liquid inside, and start filling. Before vaping, always give the coil time to saturate with e-liquid. Every time you vape, the integrated flat mouthpiece is satisfying and comfortable. The Novo 4 Pod Cartridge itself has a bottom push-press coil installation that prevents leaks. The inserted LP1 coil puts three silicone rings at a time, filling the gap and effectively preventing the liquid from leaking from the pod—3 pieces per pack.

About SMOK

SMOK offers an intriguing line of products and is constantly introducing the most cutting-edge mods, tanks, pods, and accessories to let vapers keep doing what they love most: vaping. The company has been flooding the market with high-quality vaping gear for years, and it does not look like it will slow down any time soon. Since SMOK first entered the market for vapor products in 2010, it has been a front runner in the vaping industry. SMOK has dominated the market while operating under the Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation umbrella. It first revolutionized the industry with its dual coil cartomizers and is now doing the same with its vape pod systems and accessories, which it began to focus on back in 2018. There is no denying that SMOK has always been and will always be a brand that vapers can turn to, regardless of which one they choose.

You have more autonomy when vaping with the SMOK Novo 4 Empty Pod Cartridges. It is a solution that lets you either replace a damaged pod and bring it back to its former splendor, or it gives you the chance to try different flavors without making a mess by emptying your cartridge or swapping coils in order to get a new taste.

Product Parameters

  • 2ml Refillable Pod
  • Leak-free design
  • Push-press Coil Installation
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece
  • Material: Food-Grade PCTG
  • Colors: Transparent Black, Transparent
  • Visible Juice Window
  • Convenient Side E-Juice Refill
  • Insert with LP1 Series Coils (Sold Separately)
  • Fit For Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit
  • 0.8ohm LP1 Meshed Coil
  • 0.8ohm LP1 DC MTL Coil
  • 1.0ohm LP1 DC MTL Coil
  • Magnetic Pod Connection


3 x Smok Novo 4 Empty Pods

Price and Availability

The Smok Novo 4 Empty Pod Cartridges are currently available on West Coast Vape Supply for $9.99, a 33% discount from its former price of $14.99. Make good use of the discount offered by buying one for yourself today!

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