Slim Auto Kit by Vapor Tech Review

The Slim Auto Draw Battery is a deviation from the push-button activated Slim batteries collection. Manufactured without buttons, it is draw-activated. All you have to do is to place your cartridge in the Slim Auto Draw and inhale. This is an easier alternative for vapers who find the push-button activated batteries burdensome.

Product Description
The Slim Auto Kit comes in different colors; red, blue, black, white, rose/ pink. The device is a good choice for discreet vaping, you can vape wherever without anyone suspecting. The battery could also pass for a small case, with an open space to fit the cartridge. It is compatible with any 510-thread cartridge and comes with a magnetic ring in each kit. Like all Slim Batteries, it works with Slim Pen Cartridges and Glass Cartridges.

The battery can be fully charged in 50 minutes, and the battery capacity is 380mAh which assures you of the ability to vape for as many sessions as you possibly can, without looking for ways to recharge within short intervals. The Slim Auto Draw Kit consists of the Slim Auto Draw battery and a micro-USB cord. With the output voltage of 3.5v, you can enjoy the detailed terpene profile of any oil you decide to vape.

How to Use Slim Auto Draw Battery by Vapor Tech
The Slim Auto Draw Battery was specifically made with ease of use as the core priority. To use the Slim Auto Draw Battery, the magnetic ring in the kit should be screwed to the bottom of the cartridge. After the magnetic ring is firmly fitted to the bottom of the cartridge, the cartridge should be placed in the space reserved for it in the device. The mouthpiece can be fitted and you can draw immediately.

Since there are no push-buttons to turn the battery on or off, you just need to draw to put the device on. You can draw a few times, to kick-start the device and warm up the oil. After that, just inhale and enjoy your vaping experience.

Brand Profile
Slim Auto Draw is just one in the Slim batteries collection, produced by Vapor Tech. The Slim Batteries collection includes the Slim Twist, Slim VV Battery, Slim Battery, and the Slim Heat Battery Kits respectively. You can purchase the Slim Auto Draw Kit at for $12.99.

Vapor Tech is committed to maximizing opportunities to make vaping an unforgettable experience and an alternative to smoking.

This is a great choice you should go for if you don’t like buttons or pre-heating processes. It’s a faster, easier vape alternative for you. It’s quite affordable too.

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