Puff Bar Plus Disposable Vape Device Review: It’s Bigger and Better

The Puff Bar plus is a classic salt nicotine delivery system that comes with the compact size and portability that you need for on-the-go vaping. It is disposable vape device meaning that you would not have to bother about maintenance, recharging, or refilling. 

Design of The Puff Bar Plus

The Puff Bar Plus sports a cylindrical shape that fits perfectly in your hand. It is slim and small so you would still be able to carry it about with you without any hassle. On the body of the device is a small ejuice viewing window so you get to monitor your ejuice level. 

Puff Bar Plus Disposable Vape Device Review - It's Bigger and Better

It is an all-in-one device that features a retro-fitted mouthpiece similar to the ones on other popular pod systems like the SMOK NOVO. The mouthpiece is narrowed down at the tip, giving it a sort of duckbill shape, this makes it comfortable when you place it in your mouth to vape. 

The Puff Bar Plus disposable vape device makes use of a draw-activated firing mechanism that makes it easy for newbies to get the hang of. The device has a slightly looser draw than the Puff Bar.


The battery capacity of the Puff Bar Plus is one of its major trump cards when compared to many other disposable vape devices on the market. The Puff Bar Plus features a 550mAh inbuilt and non-rechargeable battery. While the original Puff Bar gives you around 200 to 300 puffs, the Puff Bar Plus gives you up to 800 puffs but this also depends on your usage. Once the battery is exhausted, you simply dispose of the unit and pick up another. 

The Puff Bar features overheating and short-circuit protection making it safer to use so you have nothing to worry about while vaping. 

Ejuice Pod

Here is another significant upgrade that the Puff Bar Plus comes with, inside the device is a 3.2ml ejuice pod that is prefilled with salt nicotine ejuice. The pod is prefilled with 50mg (5%) of salt nicotine making it ideal for heavy vapers. Every drag is going to deliver strong cigarette-like throat hits that will keep you coming back for more.

Puff Bar makes use of high-quality flavors which is why their ejuice flavors always hit the spot without giving you any burning or chemical sensation. The device comes in an array of flavor options, some of them are Cool Mint, Guava Ice, Lychee Ice, Peach Ice, and Watermelon. 

Packaging and Availability

The Puff Bar Plus comes in a similar package to the Puff Bar, just with a longer and slimmer box. The flavor of the Puff Bar Plus is printed on the front of the packaging, just like in the Puff Bar. You simply open up the box to access the Puff Bar Plus device.

Puff Bar Plus Disposable Vape Device Review - It's Bigger and Better

The color of the Puff Bar Plus indicates the flavor, this means that for all the flavor options that the device comes in, there are just as many color options. 

You can get anyone of the available Puff Bar Plus flavor at hazetownvapes.com at a more affordable price than what you would find at many other vape stores. To cut the long story short, they sell the Puff Bar Plus for $16. In addition to the rich flavor library of the Puff Bar Plus disposable, you can also get a variety of flavor options for the original Puff Bar disposable vape device at Hazetown Vapes. 


If you have been using the Puff Bar for a while and you are looking for something bigger and better, the Puff Bar Plus fits that description. Even if you have not used the Puff Bar before, the Puff Bar Plus is still an amazing entry-level device for smokers looking for something portable and lightweight.

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