Mutation X V3

The Mutation by indulgence was a huge hit in cloud chasing circles. Since it’s initial release, we’ve seen clones of the already low-priced atomizer pop up, but Indulgence keeps ahead of them by constantly improving their design. Enter the Mutation X V3.

The Mutation X V3 has airflow routed from under the coils and the adjustable air slots are under the deck. Version 3 features angle-drilled airflow holes to improve flavor and get a vortex effect inside the barrel, and Phillips screws instead of grub screws. Comes with drip tip adapter for 510 drip tips, a wide bore drip tip, replacement gaskets, a mini screwdriver and replacement screws.

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Features include:

  • 18 Degree drilled airflow holes – to create a vortex inside barrel!
  • 22 mm diameter
  • Center post positive block
  • Dual negative posts built into base
  • Heat sink top cap
  • Uniquely serialized
  • Philips head center post screws
  • Not a clone
  • Very deep juice well
  • Three piece design
  • Matching wide-bore drip tip
  • Silver coated contact pin

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