Mephisto V2 RDA Review

Alright, I’ve gone through a few builds on this here atty and I’m comfortable saying what I’m going to say. Namely, this atty is aimed at a certain person, and it’s not really me – but I see who, and I’ll try to make it really clear without actually saying it.

Packaging was the usual box with a blue screwdriver and spare bits in it. It’s what you’d expect.

Looks are good, engravings seem solid. I can’t detect any problems with the machining. To note would be the negative posts being a part of the deck, a nice change from the old v1’s.

Ok, so this atty can be summed up by what I imagine the designer was thinking… You can see it in movies, sometimes it’s “I need space Nazis,” sometimes it’s “I need giant mechanical spiders,” in this case it’s “I need a normal atty but BIGGER.” There’s huge airflow, huge screws, huge post holes, huge chunks of delrin insulating not only the drip tip but your mod underneath – which work well, giving a noticeably cooler mod with heavy use.

Speaking of mods, I had a really hard time making this work for my 20 amp raptor. I had a few issues making contact, which could be remedied by the adjustable 510 easily enough. The real problem was trying to build with smaller gauge wire, which this atty doesn’t play well with. The BIG screws snipped 26g wire, the big threads on those screws ate other leads… it was messy. I wouldn’t suggest it for those making small gauge builds on box mods.

I would suggest it for those massive-gauge, oh-my low ohm builds on a mech. For one, the 510 won’t give you any trouble. Secondly, I dropped down to 22g nichrome, and the massive screws that I was annoyed with were really handy. The massive post holes that ate my wire previously were like a breath of fresh spring air (how  poetic I am?). I’ve never had an easier time doing a large-gauge build than on this thing.

So you’re making big, low-ohm builds on a mech, so you’ll probably want to bust out the drill to get some airflow except *oh wait* there’s already plenty. I don’t think I’ve said that about a stock atty before, so kudos on that one. There’s an option for less via turning a little slidy thing, as well as a single coil option.

I guess one last thing, I really wish I could get a chuff-top sort of thing on this. If I had a suggestion for v3, that’d be it. Everything else works well for what it’s intended to be.

I’d personally not use it, it’s not my thing. That’s not to say it’s a bad atty, it’d be wonderful for somebody looking for something to put on the top of a copper mod and build something huge and hot. So for effectively accomplishing what I assume was the desired result, I’m comfortable giving it 4/5.

We received this Atty from AngelCigs for the purpose of a review, so be sure to head over there and pick one up!

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