LYX Vapors Pineapple and Mango E-Juice Review

If you have a thing for e-liquids made with fruit flavor, then you know that there is something about vaping fruity blends that just feels right. This is particularly true if you are vaping a fruit-based e-juice which has a spot-on taste and aroma like LYX’s Pineapple and Mango. If there is one word that aptly describes this e-liquid, that word will be “natural.” It tastes just like a rich smoothie blend. If you want a fruit flavor that will knock your socks off, try this one. This is an e-liquid that you can vape all day, every day until you don’t have any more left in the bottle.

Pineapple and Mango is another top quality e-liquid from LYX Vape. This e-juice is a tropical mix. This is the kind of e-liquid to take along when you are going on holiday to somewhere sunny. It tastes deep, sweet, and refreshing. From the moment you take the lid off the bottle of this e-liquid, you know that you are in for a treat because it has the most beautiful, fruity aroma. Both fruit flavors compliment each other perfectly in Pineapple and Mango. The flavor of pineapples seems to be slightly more dominant than that of mangoes. This e-juice is a little sweet. The sweetness level is not over-the-top. It doesn’t have any tartness to it as you may expect. However, it has an underlying creamy, smoothness that is hard to miss.

You can choose to vape this Pineapple and Mango e-liquid alone or mix it with other e-liquids. All LYX e-liquids are suitable for mixing. This one can be mixed with other LYX blends like Blueberry and Watermelon or even Doc Holiday. There are endless possibilities for mixing this e-juice if that is what you are looking to do.

Pineapple and Mango by LYX Vapors come with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. It is suitable for vaping from a sub ohm tank or an RDA. The taste of this e-liquid tends to be stronger when you vape it using an RDA. The vapor production of this LYX e-liquid is quite good. You will get heavy clouds of vapor from vaping it especially if you push up the wattage. Don’t be surprised if you find that your room is filled with vapor after you vape this e-liquid for some time.

LYX’s Pineapple and Mango comes with different nicotine levels. You can get this e-liquid with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit of this e-liquid is barely there. You can chain vape this e-juice without getting any irritation in your throat. If you have a thing for intense throat hit, you may be disappointed with this one unless you choose the 6mg version or mix the e-liquid with some high nicotine blends.

Pineapple and Mango come in a 60ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. You can fill your tank or drip on your coil heads directly from the bottle without spilling e-juice everywhere. There is an eye-grabbing label on the bottle which features the LYX Cowboy logo as well as some information about the product. You can get a 60ml bottle of Pineapple and Mango on the LYX vape shop for just $19.99.

LYX Vapors is a relatively new brand in the bustling vaping market. This company was launched in 2017. However, it already has up to 11 e-liquid flavors and one vape pen in its collection. If this is anything to go by, we can expect more exciting products from LYX soon. Not only does LYX make superior grade e-liquids and vaping hardware, but the company also prices its products cheaply.

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