Keep E-liquids away from children.

While there is growing concern about harmful ingredients in some Make your own e-liquid, many parents believe vaping is safe for children and using the products around their children, new research has been found. According to a report published in Pediatrics, only one in five parents who use e-cigarettes have strict guidelines on vaping in their homes and vehicles. Families who smoke and fume prefer to enforce a smoke-free policy rather than at home without fumes.

The researchers reported in Pediatrics that secondhand exposure to tobacco smoke kills an estimated 400 babies in the US per year. Previous studies showed that children who inhale daily smoke emissions in their living environments are at an elevated risk of sudden undeclared death before the age of 12 months, as well as asthma, leukemia and heart and diabetes risk factors.

While some research indicates that e-cigarette fumes may not be as harmful as conventional smoke, research also indicates that flavorings and other additives in e-liquids used to burn vapor may be associated with respiratory damage and extreme breathing difficulties in children.

Children are attracted to heavily colored child-friendly products, therefore they are much more likely to be drawn by an e-juice flask. In packages including savory bottles, fusing milk, sugar cereal, or other ingestible products. The FDA has frowned on the irresponsible practice of producing e-juices in packaging that looks like juice boxes, whipped cream, sugary kid’s cereal or other ingestible items

Again some containers for vape juice (the liquid that is used in vaping) may seem enticing, for several reasons, to children of all ages. Some e-liquids, for example, may be labeled or advertised that mislead children into believing that they are foods or intoxicated items — such as a juice box, candy pieces or cookies. These items are not intended for children, however.

It’s not necessary to drink vape juice directly to ingest nicotine. Nicotine can also be absorbed through the skin. This means that, if you or your baby get e-liquid on your skin, the nicotine will penetrate the dermal layer and make its way into your bloodstream. This ingestion pathway is less direct and takes a bit longer than if you drink vape juice directly. Because of this, there’s no need to panic should an accidental spill expose you or your baby’s skin to e-liquid. However, it should be immediately and thoroughly washed with soap and water to prevent absorption.

Another important point to consider if you’re vaper with children is their safety around your equipment, in particular, your e-liquids. Although a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is small a higher strength nicotine juice, if consumed by a small child, would cause unpleasant side effects.

The best practice is to keep all the vapor devices secure from tiny eyes, preferably locked and keyed. When children don’t fill the supplies, it is very simple to leave a bottle unattended or worse, with the deck, making it all too easy to keep off inquisitive hands. Also remember to store all your homemade e-juice in bottles with good caps. Good caps are difficult for children to open even when they accidentally get a hold of it. I love Flavorah e-juice because their packaging is handy and solid making it difficult for children to accidentally pop the lid open.

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