Kanger Subtank Nickel OCC coils

The Kanger Subtank is a juggernaut in the vape world right now. But using a pre-built coil with a temperature monitored box mod wasn’t in the cards, until now.

The guys over at Vaporshark are now selling Kanger Subtank OCC replacement heads that are made with nickel wire, perfect for people using an DNA 40/RDNA device.

Now, it will be just as easy as anyone else would replace their head, and you don’t have to be a rebuilding ninja to rebuild a stock head with nickel wire.  A 5 pack will set you back $18.50.

From Vaporshark:

Vapor Shark has collaborated with Kangertech to bring the groundbreaking temperature limiting technology of the Vapor Shark rDNA 40 to the popular Subtank family of tanks. The Subtank line has garnered glowing reviews from every corner of the vape community, but at Vapor Shark, we wanted to make them even better! These replacement atomizer heads feature pure organic Japanese cotton wicks and coils wrapped from pure Nickel (NI-200) wire, allowing you to monitor and limit the temperature your coils are reaching. Because these coils are only for use on devices powered by Evolv’s DNA 40 board, we have changed the color of the silicone ring on the atomizer heads from clear to Vapor Shark blue for increased safety and ease of identification. Get performance and peace of mind, pick up the new temperature sensing OCC coils for your Subtank today!

Head on over and get yourself a pack, and let us know how they are!

Available here.

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