iTaste VV 3.0

The  iTaste VV v3.0 was the first purchase I ever made in the Electronic Cigarette world. I wanted something nice to kick the smoking habit, but I didn’t want just an entry level or subpar personal vaporizer. So you’ll have to look at this review from the opinion of a smoking cessation device. I purchased this at my local brick and mortar store, for around 35 dollars.  The VV package contained:

  • 800mAh iTaste VV V3 battery
  • iTaste USB Retractable Charger
  • Instruction Manual

I was hoping it would come with a wall adapter for the charger, but it did not. (I’ve been using an old ipod one) Also, I’ve used this battery with both a Kangertech Mini ProTank 2, and a Kangertech ProTank 3.

Now, let’s check out some of the features!

Square Design: It’s great to be able to set your PV down and not worry about it rolling away on you, unless you dig replacing tank gas.

Well-designed Battery: The iTaste VV V3 comes with an 800mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Although 800mAh may sound small compared to other batteries, the VV has exceptional battery life. My first few days I made it almost the whole day (this was with average use, though).

Variable Wattage: The iTaste VV V3 is the only compact size battery to include a variable wattage setting.  The user selects the desired wattage and the battery will measure the resistance of your atomizer (coil) and adjust to the appropriate voltage automatically.  This allows you to use any atomizer and maintain a consistent vapor. As a newcomer, this was intriguing to me. Customizing the vapor i got from the device was an interesting angle for me. At first, I would mess around with the settings, and not notice much of a difference. This was until I set it a little too high, and my delicious juice started to get a burnt flavor to it. I backed it back down, and had no problems again.

Microprocessor Controlled: The VV has a regulated voltage output which means your voltage will remain consistent from a fully charged battery all the way down to the last puff.  Consistent voltage = consistent taste, vapor output, and throat hit.

Pass-through Charging: Battery running dead? Plug that baby in, and vape while it charges.

Micro USB Charging: The VV charges with a standard micro USB cable. This was a major selling point for me, as its the same charger used for Android and Windows based phones/tablets, Kindles, and many other electronic devices.  Being an android user, I had 3-4 micro USB charging cables already.

Other Notable Features:

  • Compatible with eGo and 510 clearomizer tanks
  • puff counter to monitor inhales
  • built in resistance/ohm meter
  • power button changes colors to indicate battery life
  • 10 second automatic shutoff in case of accidental activation
  • 3-click on/off switch

There is a limited use Puff counter also, but, every time you turn the battery off (3 click switch) it resets the puff counter, so if you are trying to track your usage, you will have to either leave it on always, or take note of the count when you turn if off.

Overall, I would say the iTaste VV v3.0 is a fantastic jumping off point either for someone who is new to the scene, or is looking to upgrade from a basic EGO starter unit. Anymore, it’s my on-the-go battery when i’m out of the house, as ease of use and the longevity I can get from such a small device is fantastic.

Like the features, but want something that lasts longer? Check out its big brother,  the iTaste MVP.

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