HALO Top Cap

I’ve been rolling with an IGO-W4 for a while, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty ugly. When I came across this Cap replacement, I was intrigued. The HALO instantly adds great features onto a RDA that you already own.

Let’s check out the specs:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 20mm or 22mm option
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • 100% Fitting for Patriot v1 & IGO-W/W3/W4/W5
  • Heatsink Cap for heat protection
  • Concave reduced chamber
  • Easy Access to Coils for Direct Dripping

halocap2I myself got the 20mm cap, but I assume the 22mm is pretty much the same thing, only a with a little more girth. Just picking it up, you can tell this cap is quality. It fits perfectly onto my W4, and makes it look 100% better.  It consists of two pieces. The main body, and then the top portion, that plugs into the bottom housing, and allows for adjustable airflow. Right away, the airflow control would have had me sold, but whats even better, is this 2 piece design allows for super easy access to dripping. The top portion also has a killer looking design that looks similar to the stock Patriot cap, with a reduced chamber that allows for the heat sink design. The concave design of the interior seems to have boosted the flavor of most of my juices as well, in comparison to my W4 stock cap.

The lower part of the cap fits almost perfect of the deck of my IGO. I would prefer it to be a little tighter fit, but it’s not falling off or coming off when I pull the upper portion to drip. I also would have loved for there to be a setting in the adjustable airflow that would allow for a single coil air hole configuration, but they’ve  put 4 notches around the inside ring, making it impossible without alteration.  If you want to run with 4 air holes, you are still going to need to belly up to the drill press, since there are only 2 holes on the outside sleeve of the cap. If you set it up just right, when you take go to gap on it, you can get quite a whistle coming off of it as well. I like to drive my dogs nuts with it.

Overall, I’ve taken a RDA that I couldn’t wait to replace, and extended it’s life tenfold. If you are currently an owner of a Patriot v1 or IGO-W/W3/W4/W5, and you’re not ready to pull the trigger for a whole new RDA, you should totally look into replacing your stock cap with the HALO. Heck, even if you don’t have an RDA yet, picking up an IGO-W4 and a HALO cap would still be a very cheap yet functional starter device!

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