Gi2 Clone Review

The Gi2 was one of the first high-wattage custom box mods. With a big screen, and more power than you could ever need, I first saw it on YouTube.

It of course was almost impossible to buy. Huge price and low supply truly made it into a impossible to find unicorn device.

When the clones came out, I had pretty much lost interest in it, but decided to give it a whirl. I wish I’d have saved my money. Here’s the review:

When I first got the Gi2 Clone, I felt like it was put together well. It felt good in the hand, comfortable  I started off aand solid. But as I started using it, I realized that was about all it had going for it. Right off the bat, the interface is pretty awful. I feel like we’ve come far enough in this industry that we can make a more user friendly item. the IPV’s and Cloupor devices deliver a user-friendly experience, so why couldn’t the Gi2 with it’s giant color screen? Switching from variable voltage to variable wattage mode was about the extent of the things I would try repeatedly with the Gi2. You’ve got functions to adjust how long you can hold down the fire button, to switch to a custom background, and to lock the firing button, but all of these are pretty painful to deal with.

The locking feature locks the device from being able to change the power with the other buttons on the device. Once locked, the only way I could get the device unlocked was to reboot it.

Need to recharge? Well, just plug it into the wall! Wait… OH THATS RIGHT.. The Gi2 has no charging port. so you need to slip off the back cover to and change the batteries to a new, charged pair. Got the new batteries in? Cool, get back to vapin– Oh wait… that’s right, you’ll have to reset all your settings, since none of them are stored. How is that possible? The DNA devices don’t reset themselves when you change the battery, and the Gi2 has a SD Card slot. It literally has memory build right into it, yet it can’t remember shit.

I started off at higher resistance, and worked my way down, trying all different setups. Next gripe – the firing button. It’s tiny, an it’s flush with the body of the mod. Both of these add up to making it tiring to push. First, you have to make sure your finger is on it, and then you have to make sure you’re actually pushing it in. I’m used to instant feedback when I press a button. A clicking noise, or some haptic feeling that it’s been clicked. Not with this clone, though. Also, there is a delay between when you push the button to when it actually fires, making you wonder even more if you’ve actually pushed the button.

After about a week with the Gi2, I removed the batteries from it, put it back in it’s case, and put it on the shelf never to be used again. I once thought “I will use this in a giveaway!”. but there is simply no way I would subject anyone else to this device, even if it is free.


If you still for some reason want to check it out, find them here.

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