Genuine Vapor FLASK by Vapor Shark™ DNA 40 Box MOD Review

As always, Vapor Shark’s signature backlit fire button has been incorporated into Evolv’s manufacturing process. This gives you the amazing tactile feedback that can only be found in Vapor Shark’s line of products. With its ergonomic design, 133 watts of power, and sleek matte finish, the Vapor Flask 133 by Vapor Shark is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The Vaporflask is regarded as one of the best DNA devices you can get. With it’s unmistakable shape, quality construction, and ability to hold two 18650 batteries, it  became one of the most sought after and popular regulated devices on the market. Of course that means the clones wouldn’t be far behind. But this time, they had the DNA40 chip to replicate (wether that be good or bad in your opinion). Let’s take a look at the Vaporflask DNA40 Clone by Kangxin.

When I received it, the first thing I noticed was the size of the package. After seeing pictures of the Vaporflask, I expected it to be bigger than it is. I’m not saying it is small by any means, but it was smaller than I expected. I also noticed it was heavy. Again, this isn’t a downside. The Vaporflask isn’t too heavy/uncomfortable, it’s just heavy enough to feel super premium and solid.

For being a clone, this really blew away my expectations. I did not plan on getting such a well put together and beautiful device.  both batteries fit perfect, the 510 was silky smooth, and the screen was as clean as could be.

Every atomizer I have tried works great on it. While it doesn’t have a self-adjusting center pin, it is adjustable in the form of a flathead screwdriver adjustable brass center pin. The 510 and the end caps for the battery slots both seem to be copper, or copper plated brass.

I’m not going to get into the chip too much, as it work almost exactly like a DNA40 chip. While I did have some issues switching back and forth from temperature protection mode to normal mode, they were hard to make happen again and again. Comparing this to my authentic Vaporshark DNA40, it works almost identical. Plus, running it in normal mode with kanthal builds is awesome as well, considering the super-long battery life.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the overall quality of this clone. For 1/3 of the price of an authentic, it’s a great place to start to see if tempurature control is right for you.  If you’ve been wanting a Vaporflask, but were hesitant to spend 300+ on one, now is your chance to get the closest thing to it, at a fraction of the price. Follow the link below to pick one up, and get some free nickel wire to practice your temperature controlled builds!

Get your Vaporflask Clone here! 


  • 0.75″ screen displays voltage, battery level, resistant, wattage
  • Variable wattage: can be adjustable from 1.0W to 40.0W (in 0.1W increments)
  • The temperature range: 200’F-600’F
  • Check atomizer
  • Low battery warning (below 4V)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Protection of battery opposite connection
  • Overheat protection
  • Voltage: 1-9.9V
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.16-2.0ohm [With  temperature sensing wire .10-1.0 Ohms]
  • Powered by 2*18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)
  • 8 battery vent holes on the bottom caps
  • 510 threading connection
  • Brass center pin, adjustable
  • Micro-USB charging port

Get your Vaporflask Clone here!

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