eLeaf Lemo Review

I knew this day would come, I just didn’t know when. I really didn’t think I would end up retiring my beloved Kayfun for a 35 dollar RTA, either. But, so is life, and I’ll say it now, RIP Kayfun.

The Lemo by eLeaf was a total sleeper for me. I expected it to be anything other than what it was. I expected it to be leaky, and it isn’t. I expected the airflow to suck, and it doesn’t. I expected it to be hard to build on, and it’s anything but.

The construction is basically a slightly more technical Kayfun. with a little bigger chimney, a bigger mL capacity, and an extra piece to the bottom of the body. Overall though, the Lemo is a well-constructed RTA. The threads go on smooth, and back off smooth –  perhaps a little too smooth some times (I’ll cover that later). And the overall build is top notch, with all good tolerances, and well fitting parts. When you first open the box, you get all kinds of goodies. Wick, Wire, spare parts, a tool, heck, there is even a build in it already made from Kanthal and cotton wick!

Let’s get to the pro’s about the Lemo. It’s airflow has got to be #1. One thing that always bugged me about my Kaufun was that it’s airflow was just a little too tight, no matter how open I adjusted it. The Lemo does not have this problem, as it’s airflow goes from tight to wide open. The only drawback is that it is hidden in between a couple of pieces of the atomizer. Some may like this feature though, as it can’t get accidentally changed. I found exactly where I like my airflow at, and it hasn’t changed since, even through many refills.

Building on the Lemo is a breeze. You can be like me, and just wrap the leads of your coil around the screw heads like a neanderthal, or you can use the nice little built in holes to keep it nice and clean. Also, I don’t know if it’s me just being pro, or if the wicking on the Lemo is FAR less temperamental than the Kayfun, but I have had almost zero problems with wicking in this atomizer. I’ve only ever used Japanese cotton in it, and it’s been fantastic. Refilling is even nicer than the Kayfun, as when I’m out and about, I don’t have to make sure to have a screwdriver with me to open the fill hole. A nice little silicon piece comes in the box you can use in lieu of the screw, making refilling a tool-less endeavor.

The only problems I have had with the Lemo are mostly my own fault, but I suppose could be improved upon in the design. first off, the first time I washed and emptied the Lemo, I must have washed one of the plastic gaskets for the tank down the drain. Beings as though they are clear, and easy to miss, I rebuilt and filled without the bottom gasket to the glass tank. This lead to some major leaking issues when I had it on its side, but once I realized, I kept it upright, and it held the liquid in pretty well, and had no issues vaping still. perhaps making these gaskets colored and not clear could help eliminate the problem. You don’t see them unless you have it taken apart anyways.

I’ve also had an issue with the adjustable 510. While you can back it out to make it stick our further, it’s not reversed threaded, so when you screw it down tight, it will screw the 510 back in. This could lead to issues with a 510 connection that is wider than normal.

The other small gripe I have, is that the holes that are drilled in the base make for quite a loud whistle at times when taking a draw off the Lemo. I’m not sure if its the size, or the way the air is coming in, but when I’m sitting watching a movie with my wife, she get’s onto me about it whistling like crazy.

All in all, I strongly suggest the Lemo as the RTA to have nowadays. As this industry goes, there are new things coming out every day, we now have prebuilt coil systems performing like dripping atomizers. Call me old fashioned, but I never tire of building a coil just right. If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a tank to last you most of the day, and want to build your own coils still, pick up a Lemo. You’ll be glad you did.

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