DIY E-liquid Tips for Clouds Chasers

A lot of vapers grow interested in making e-liquids themselves after sometime into vaping. This trend has been ongoing for a while now. There are large vaping communities that are into DIY production e-liquids. There are a lot of information online about how to make your own e-liquids. As you know there are different flavors of e-liquids and different preferences. So people enjoy chasing clouds while others dont’. I am a cloud chaser and in this article we will focus on how you can create e-liquids by yourself that will produce huge clouds of vapor with every hit you take.

There are different types of e-liquids on the market, as you already know. Vaping juice comes in different flavors and with varying levels of concentration of nicotine. Some e-liquids produce massive clouds and some that don’t. Some e-liquids have a stronger throat hit, while others tend to be smoother on the throat. All these different features are intentionally created. So when creating your e-liquid, you need a goal in mind. You need to know the kind of e-juice that you should make. This decision will help you plan for the kind of measurements to employ.

The base liquids (VG and PG) can determine the outcome of any e-liquid. An e-juice produced with more VG than PG would be dense and have a smooth and mellowed throat hit. And if you are a cloud chaser like me, then it would interest you to know that e-liquids with Max VG content tend to produce thick clouds. On the other hand, e-liquids that are built with Max PG do not result in big clouds. Blends containing Max PG e-juice flavors will appeal to vapers who enjoy strong throat hits. Some may describe the throat hit of Max PG e-liquids harsh. But this throat hit is quite similar to that of cigarettes.

A-Max VG vape juice is the best choice for cloud chasers. One of the most ideal mix is 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. An 80 percent VG mix will also work excellently. This will give your e-liquid a smooth taste and huge clouds that you can practice tricks with.

If you enjoy chasing clouds, you should vape in places where you are allowed. Not everyone is a fan of vaping, and most people get irritated when people blow huge clouds around them. There are numerous accounts of vapers puffing and blowing massive clouds in stores and in crowded places where they should not be vaping. This practice tends to give vaping a bad reputation. It is best to vape in your home or in vape shops where everyone agrees to vaping. It is crucial to vape responsibly. Flavorah has high-quality products for sale.

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