Cloupor T8 150 Watt Box Mod

Cloupor just doesn’t want to be outdone. After seeing the IPV3, the Sigelei 100 Watt, and others, They’ve decided to step up the game from their Cloupor T5 device, and unveil the Cloupor T8. The T8 is a box mod capable of firing up to 150 watts.

cloupor t8 internalsFrom the looks of the video below, we’re looking at a box that is about the size of a Hammond B sized box, or slightly larger than a Hana Mod size box. You can see from this picture showing off the internals. Compare the overall size of the box to the two 18650 batteries it holds, and you can tell it’s about a perfect size.

In the video they show the unit firing at 150 watts (on a 1.3 ohm coil), the removable backplate, and a philips screwdriver adjustable 510 pin in the 510 connection. All of these are really nice features. Cloupor has made the switch, and now the backplate is held on by magnets (as opposed to screws shown in the video). Also, instead of just having a sleep mode like many devices, you can actually cut the power, and shut this unit off entirely.

Other things listed in the video description include Reverse Battery protection, Pass through mode, temperature monitoring, four colors to choose from (Black, Silver, Blue, Red), and “Detachable Chip and components”. What exactly that last thing means, I’m not sure, but my guess is we will be finding out soon!

cloupor t8seamThis item isn’t even out yet, and I have one major gripe about it. The backplate. The seam of the box running right under the 510 is a design flaw in my opinion. The Hana V2 came with the same kind of seam, and it was changed by version 3. Having that seam run right through where the atomizer sits sucks. If your atomizer leaks, you can bet that juice will go right into that seam, and seep into the internals of your device. I’m not a fan of that.

We reached out to Cloupor to get pricing and availability information, and it looks like the price is around $80 bucks on a minimum order. We’re guessing they will end up retailing for closer to $100-110 dollars. Availability is also showing we’re about a month out from them landing in the states.

Update: Get one here!

Here’s a size comparison (all are about the same thickness):

cloupor t8 3

Check out the video and the full specs here:


1. Portable size
2. Firmware can be updated
3. Output power: 7W-150W
4. Output voltage : 5.6V—14V
3. Dual 18650 battery
4. Upgradeable firmware
5. Big OLED screen
6. Reverse battery protection
7. Adjustable 510 pin
8. Pass through
9. Detachable Chip and components
10. Four available colors to choose

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