Cera Vape Hygeia Review

When I was contacted by Cera Vape about their newest Clearonmizer, the Hygeia, I was intrigued. I hopped over to their website and read the description:

“The Hygeia Tank is the NEWST REVOLUTIONARY tank systems made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The most important is the Hygeia Tank uses ceramic coil which is made with ceramic wick insteading of glass fiber wick. It’s much healthier than all of the atomizer made with glass fiber wick or cotton wick in the market. Ceramic wick produces no glass fiber and microscopic chips when using it.It will bring you safer vaping. Melting point of Ceramic wick is higher than both of glass fiber wick and cotton wick.It’s easier to avoid producing burning taste.”

When it arrived in the mail, I was impressed with the packaging. A nice box, good packing material, and everything arrived pretty much ready-to-go.  Actually, the packaging was almost too good, as I had a hell of a time getting the plastic window off the inside of the box to get the product out.

The Hygeia tank itself seems well constructed. It’s a very similar design to other 22mm Clearomizers like a Protank or a Nautilus, but with one difference, a different wicking material in the pre-built coil. It has an all stainless steel with a pyrex glass window, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any “tank cracking” juices. The threads feel good, if not a little tight.

I filled the Hygeia with juice, gave it some priming puffs, and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. This isn’t something the people at Cera Vape recommend, but I always like to make sure new coils are primed before testing them. Per Cera Vapes instructions, I used the smallest of the 4 air holes to start with, at a low voltage and then increased the airflow and power as I went.

The pre-installed coil came in at a resistance of 2.4 ohms, and I started at about 9 watts. On the largest airflow setting it still feels a little tight, and leaves a little to be wanted. While it didn’t produce a ton of vapor at this setting, it was adequate for someone who is used to any other comparable clearomizer. The flavor off of it was great. I would say better than an Aerotank or Nautilus. I moved up to 10.5 watts, and the vapor production bumped up. The flavor was just as good as before. This was a trend as I moved my power higher and higher. Around 14 watts, I noticed as I vaped that vapor production fell off a bit. I assume this is because the juice couldn’t feed to the coil as fast as I was using it. Normally, this would produce a burnt taste in its place, but the Hygeia didn’t make a a dry-hit taste like I was expecting. It did produce a little bit of an off-taste, but it wasn’t a terrible experience like most dry hits. For science, I decided to crank the wattage up even further just to see if I could replicate a dry hit like the others, and indeed I could. So while it’s not immune to dry-hits, it’s harder to make it happen.

I’ve had the Hygeia for a couple weeks, and I’m still using the preinstalled coil, with no signs of slowing down. This leads me to believe that the ceramic wick inside the coil heads will last a lot longer than other similar replacable coil heads.

Overall the Hygeia is a great tank. I think anyone that is currently starting out, or is using an older Protank or other bottom coil clearomizer would be impressed with the flavor they got from the Hygeia. While not dry-hit proof, the technology of the ceramic wick is a step forward from the silica and cotton wicks in others, as well as lasting a heck of a lot longer between coil changes.

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