CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats By Penelope’s Bloom Review

Do you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety? Are you looking for something to help your furry companion relax? CBD might just be the right answer. It has been tested for decades and has proven time and time again to be incredibly helpful in easing many health and wellness issues that either you or your pet may face. 

One challenge is that the CBD market is not regulated, meaning that you could get CBD products that might do more harm than good, and CBD products that might not seem to do anything at all since they donā€™t contain CBD. Just as tons of manufacturers produce CBD products for pets, there are also different forms in which those CBD products come. 

One widely used form of CBD will be CBD tinctures because they are fast, easy to administer and deliver a higher percentage of bioavailability, unlike edibles. So, how does someone new to the CBD market find a proper CBD product for their pup or feline that they will not regret? 

The answer is simple, source from a reputable manufacturer, make sure they use full-spectrum CBD, and finally, they must have all their ingredients clearly stated on the label and have their lab test results available for your review. 

The best part is that, if you are reading this, you do not have to waste any more time scouring through the internet looking for a product that fits that description. Penelopeā€™s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats is just what the doctor ordered.

About The Manufacturer

Penelopeā€™s Bloom is one of the reputable names when you talk about CBD products for pets. They make use of high-quality ingredients sourced in the USA to deliver potent and affordable CBD products that would leave your pet smiling and happy all day long. 

CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats By Penelope's Bloom Review

They have a variety of CBD products for you to choose from; CBD tincture for cats and dogs, CBD balms, and even CBD edibles, all of which are human-grade, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and organic.

CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats

Penelopeā€™s Bloom makes use of three simple, yet highly effective ingredients in the formulation of this CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats. They use a combination of full-spectrum CBD, chamomile, and MCT oil.

Full-spectrum CBD is rich in all the fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant. Chamomile is an ingredient that has been used for ages because of its anti-inflammatory properties and also because it is a natural muscle relaxant. MCT oil (Medium Grade Triglycerides), which you already know as coconut oil, provides an additional source of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

All of their products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure safety, potency and effectiveness. You can find the lab reports on their website along with the product.

How Does It Affect My Pet?

CBD as well as other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant interact with the endocannabinoid receptors that are located in the central and peripheral nervous system. This system is what is responsible for maintaining the body and keeping it in a normal state. 

CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats By Penelope's Bloom Review

How Do I Get The CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats?

Firstly, the CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats by Penelopeā€™s Bloom comes in varying concentrations depending on the weight of your pet. It is available in:

  • 250mg  = Up to 30lbs
  • 500mg = 30 – 90lbs
  • 750mg = 90 – 120lbs
  • 1000mg = 120 – 180lbs

On Penelopeā€™s Bloom, you can buy the 250mg bottle for $29.99, 500mg for $39.99, 750mg for $49.99, and the 1000mg bottle for $59.99. You even get to save 15% when you subscribe. 

Bottom Line

While it may be easy to just pick up any CBD product and administer it to your feline or pup, it is advisable to first talk to a veterinarian. This way, you can get the right dosage that would work wonders, and you can also know if it is a safe choice, especially if your pet is already on some form of medication.

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