Candy King Vape E-Juice Review

Do you fancy candies but are struggling to find the right vape e-juice flavor? You don’t have to worry further because Candy King e-juice by Dripmore specializes in creating different types of candy e-juice, whether it’s bubblegum, peach rings, or cotton candy. It’s all made available for you by Candy King. The Candy King e-juice company is known for producing high-quality vape products that are subjected to a high evaluation process to bring out what vaper customers will enjoy. With the utilization of different ingredients, Candy King has produced a lot of e-juice that satisfies vape customers globally. 

They are known for bringing out a large collection of sweet flavors. From sweet to sour candies, Candy King has created tons of remarkable e-juice products with amazing flavors. They have been in this business for a long period, as the leading supplier of e-liquid in the vape marketplace. They have dominated the UK vaping marketplace with quality e-juice and other vaping products. The Candy King e-juice comes in a strong dropper bottle of 100ml depending on the flavor on the Westcoast vape supply online store.

If there’s one thing that Candy King always ensures about what they produce, it’s quality. In the vape marketplace, Candy King has achieved a massive amount of reputations because of their strong determination of ensuring quality.  They utilize different ingredients to create the perfect flavor that will last a long period for any vaper.

Products Features

  • Nicotine level: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.
  • Content Package: bottle
  • 70% VG ratio
  • 30% PG ratio
  • Pack size: 100ml (differs based on flavor)

Flavor Description

Candy King e-juice produces the best flavors with the use of your favorite candy-sweet flavor combination to create an impression that would last for a decade. The Candy King e-juice can be bought from a reputable store like the Westcoast vape supply

Here is the list of Candy King flavors:

  • Candy King Batch: The Candy King Batch contains your favorite candy flavors of oranges, cherry, and lemon with a blend of fresh lime to boost the overall sour taste experience. Whether you are exhaling or inhaling the Candy King Batch, the ingredient combination creates a smooth taste of fruity flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and stimulate your lips with sweetness. Nothing is sweeter than having the taste of your favorite candy in the form of e-juice flavor.
Candy King - Gush | Sweet & Sour Fruit Candy Vape Juice
  • Candy King Belts: Are you missing the taste of sour and sweet candies? Candy King Belts provide the unique taste of the sour and sweet flavor of strawberry in the form of vape juice to give your taste buds all the sensation it needs. With the use of this flavor inhale brings you a taste of strawberry with sourness.
  • Candy King Lemon Drops: The amazing sweetness of this combination gives this flavor the ability to supersede other Candy King Lemon flavors. A simple sip of this flavor will give you a taste of the tingling and sweetness of sliced lemons that will brighten your day. If you are looking for an e-juice flavor with the natural taste of lemon. You won’t want to miss any bit of Candy King Lemon Drops.
  • Candy King Pink Squares: The Candy King king squares bring the feeling of chewing pink squares candy. With the combination of strawberry, this flavor is created by Candy King to wash your taste buds with sweetness as you inhale and exhale. 

The above list of Candy King by Dripmore showcases several e-juice flavors that are currently leading in the vaping marketplace. The above-mentioned Candy King e-juice flavors can be bought from the Westcoastvapesupply online store at a price rate of $11.99 per 100ml bottle, which can differ based on flavor types.

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