Black Cherry – Mt Baker Vapor

As it ages, the e-liquid changes from slightly tinted to a medium amber color. The bottle scent is much more intense than I’d expected. There’s no hint of medicine here, folks. The name may evoke memories of gross cough drops but I promise you the taste is light and sweet and fresh, just like a real cherry. As for the exhale, there’s practically no scent left behind! It’s a great choice for a stealth vape.

Yes friends, this is quite possibly the best basic fruit flavor. Mt Baker Vapor’s Black Cherry. I’ve had the good fortune to sample two separate mixes of this e-liquid, and it’s a whopper.

I own this mix as 70% VG, 30% H20, with 0mg nicotine, 0 extra shots, dated 3-12-14. My friend Sherry lent me her bottle to sample as well. Her mix is 24mg nicotine, 50% PG 50% VG, 2 flavor shots, dated 7-2-13. Aside from the obvious nicotine difference, I was able to compare personally the difference between VG & PG, as well as the results of aging. I’ve heard before that age is your friend when it comes to vape e-liquid. I can tell you it’s true! The aged Black Cherry had a much more intense flavor and scent. Honestly, I didn’t see much less vapor from the sample’s 50%, but I could feel the bite in the back of my throat much more strongly.

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