Aspire Atlantis Review

So I received my Atlantis a week ago today, and what a week it has been!  Upon opening the package DHL had left for me, I was impressed with its packaging.  A very nice plastic case, with removable lid, holding the tank, and a few accessories hidden in foam behind the blanking flap.  It comes with a coil installed, and a spare encased in foam along with an extra pyrex tank.

Fit and finish are astounding, though there are the continuing issues of certain parts of the chimney being chrome plated brass, instead of stainless steel. The coil is large, very large.  It is big enough that it could swallow an entire nautilus coil, and with its size comes the known low resistance of 0.50Ω, and copious amounts of airflow.  The one main drawback of the enormous coil however, is it and the accompanying chimney take up precious tank space, allowing for only a smidgen over 2ml in capacity.  Refills are a fairly frequent affair depending on your juice and power settings, but they are also just as simple as filling a nautilus was.

It’s performance still amazes me, after our week together, and many many milliliters of juice consumed.  I’ve ran it alongside my go-to dripper of the week, which happened to be the mutation X, and at comparable power settings it outperforms the RDA handily.  The vape is just as warm, equally as smooth, and its density lends it better flavor then the Mutation X’s design.  Now I know I’m comparing a cloud chasing atty against a clearo, but make no mistakes here folks, Aspire nailed the performance on this one.  Clouds for days would have been a great name for it, as I am still amazed at how well this thing performs.  The airflow control on it is in an entirely new league. It goes from the small end, which is equivalent to the largest on the Nautilus Mini, up to Grand Canyon proportions that offers little resistance and the ability to lung-hit like a madman.

I’ve vaped around 30ml a day through the Atlantis to this point and am still on the original coil, varying wattage depending on my juice.  Thicker juices I’ve kept under 35w to prevent the slightly burned taste, and thinner juices I’ve taken up to 50 with zero problems.  In fact, as a testament to the sturdiness of the Atlantis’ coils, it even survived an accidental 165w hit on my IPV3 when its firmware update was released.   The ability to rebuild the Atlantis’ coils even opens up the possibility of lower resistance setups, and more power depending on how well you manage to re-wick it.

Overall, the Atlantis is an amazing piece of kit, and one I would not hesitate to purchase again.  I stand by that because I’ve ordered 2 more as gifts, and have managed to entice the local B&M into ordering them in as demand rocketed after showing mine around on a busy black Friday to many of the regulars.


Update: Aspire has said they are planning on a mid-production change, that will make it a fully stainless steel device (12-02-2014)

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