Artemis Berry Cobbler by Cyclops Vapor Review

For those of us that have been vaping for more than a few years, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that this industry is still in its infancy. With start-up costs being practically nothing, e-liquid vendors are popping up left and right, and as a result, when they see a vendor with a successful flavor, they copy it, with varying degrees of success of course. Obvious examples of this are practically everywhere, with countless vendors offering green dyed anise/citrus juice, and others mixing graham cracker tobacco blends with some type of play on the Boba’s name.

In an industry surrounded by young companies, each trying to capitalize on another’s success, it’s refreshing to see a vendor with some staying power, like Cyclops Vapor, and it’s even more refreshing to see a flavor like Berry Cobbler, an e-liquid based on a snack cake that isn’t even made anymore.

While I enjoy all types of juice in what little personal vaping time I have, fruits and desserts are almost always occupying a good portion of my rotation. Flavors like upside-down pineapple cake, apple pie, and this juice, flavors that bring those two categories together, tend to strike a chord with me (although that has no effect on the outcome of these reviews). Regardless of my personal tastes, the Berry Cobbler from Cyclops Vapors is downright delicious.


  • Weight:0.30 LBS
    Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
    Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz
  • PG/VG Blend Ratio:35%PG /65%VG

Blended from a mix of 65%VG and 35%PG, Artemis is a much subtle e-liquid than those which have a higher percentage of PG in the same base, but the higher VG content does make for a thicker e-liquid.



The flavor of the e-juice is fairly consistent from the inhale through the finish, flush with the delicious, sweet taste of dried blueberry. Whether you call it pie, crumble, or in this instance, Crumble Pie, the result is the same. The flavor of the berry cobbler, slow-cooked, caramelized, transformed into a dynamic, complex composite of bright highs and deep lows, a little sharp, with a nice hit of acidity.

The lighter complimentary notes of cobbler crust and brown sugar (and maybe even a very light touch of cinnamon) only serve to enhance the juicy berry. The big, bold, impressive flavor easily deserves the spotlight; it’s just that good. Adding additional components like more crust, or whipped cream would only detract from heart and soul of this e-liquid, the little blueberry. Much as I found in other popular brands Cream Pie e-liquids, Berry Cobbler also contained a bit of a boozy note, but it’s also not particularly difficult to overlook, and I was able to do away the overwhelming majority of it via an additional night of topless (cap and dripper removed) steeping.

The depth of the Berry is easily the most impressive thing about the juice, almost perfectly mimicking the flavor of a berry pie filling, and while some may prefer more pie crust in the blend, I enjoyed it as is, with the berry front and center.

I spent most of my time with this juice using my Duke mod topped with a Helios at 38w. It can handle a bit more heat, and by pushing the envelope you can certainly obliterate any of the leftover boozy tones, but I found the flavor to be ideal, for my tastes, in that 36-38 watt range, give or take a few watts.

When I moved it over to the ProVari, I was not terribly surprised to find that the flavor diminishes, but less than I had anticipated, still producing that overwhelming sweet, juicy, baked berry tone. With that device, topped with a standard high end, bridgeless 510 dripping atomizers, I liked this juice at 9.6w or 4.9v on a 2.5Ω atomizer.

Throat Hit & Vapor Production:
It doesn’t pack in a massive throat hit, but the vapor production is quite good, and the flavor is just exquisite. Just be sure to give it a good long steep with the cap and dripper removed for the final day or two.

Official Notes from Cyclops Vapor About Artemis:
Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored ejuice with a delicate blend of subtle berry hints mingled with the baked crust traditional to cobblers, mixed into what one might describe as that of liquid gold.

What does the name Artemis mean?
Amazonian moon goddess. Goddess of the hunt. Goddess of the wild things. Goddess of the midwife. Goddess of the herbalist. Mother of all Creatures. Great she-bear. Ever-Virgin; owned by no man. We will visit her sacred wood on a shamanic journey. Who knows what will happen then and happen now – Cyclops Vapor Artemis vape liquid.

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